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Hello! Welcome aboard! Take a seat! Buy a bloody ticket or clear off! I know where you live!

This is my website and is themed – oh yes – around the old fashioned Routemaster bus, partly because I like the look, but also in recognition of my own achievement in being awarded the coveted and to date unique honour of “Letter of the Year” in the old Time Out, for an elegy I wrote to the much loved hop-on-able Routemaster on the occasion of its decommissioning some five years ago. That the now primarily web-based Time Out then shared my despair at the end of the essentially analogue bus is an irony we can all enjoy.

Here are some clips of me doing comedy… Most recently, from Live at the Apollo. Bit worried about that neck vein.

This is from The Michael McIntyre Comedy Roadshow, not unreasonably indistinct in the minds of most viewers from the Apollo show.

And this from the Edinburgh Gala of 2010.

Other clips are available for viewing on You Tube, though to be honest I’ve picked out the best of ‘em.
And below are some recent reviews, the first being of my current tour show, Friendly Fire.


Hi Guys! Folks! Chums! My new DVD ‘Simon Evans Live At The Theatre Royal’ will be released on 1st Dec. You can pre-order now from Amazon http://amzn.to/1upUw2W I need hardly tell you how much is riding on this. Eighteen years in the making, if I can’t get this one right then the tricky second album […]

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Gigs added

Good. That’s all the tour dates currently confirmed, up on the gigs page. Very easy to book, just click on the link, double check it hasn’t taken you to Herring or Brigstocke or some such nonsense, then go ahead and book. There will inevitably be some sort of “transaction fee” involved, I can only apologise, […]

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Long Time…

Hello, interested parties! It has been far too long since I updated this website, a confession that is no less painful for being close to universal among comedians. Oh the rush of excitement when the website is first designed! Oh, the things we’ll do, the fun we’ll have! The posts we’ll post, the feeds we’ll […]

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Friendly Fire – Chortle Review

Edwardian London. A Pall Mall gentleman’s club. An erudite, elegantly dressed man in a Harris tweed sits in his sumptuous leather armchair, takes a swig from his 25-year-old single malt and continues his treatise on the scourge of the lower classes…

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